About Us
Company History

The formation of Asystems began with a school reunion of engineering alumni 35 years after graduation from one of the most prestigious colleges in Taiwan. A group of industry veterans in leading audio and video companies sharing a dream of creating products that harness the latest and cutting-edge audio and video technologies whilst retain the intuitive and user-friendly operation that are often missing on the market.

Dubbed themselves “The A-Team” after the hit television series from the 80’s, they joined together to form what is now Asystems, for its top tier technology, design and quality.

As the world of technology accelerates, the need for professional grade audio and video equipment also gets larger, and while there’s no shortage of complicated and convoluted professional audio and video products on the market, what has been sorely lacking is a complete line of equipment that is easy to use with reduced learning curve and are catered to not only industry professionals but also everyday people as well.

Amassed the best engineering and creative minds, and design with one objective in mind, to deliver top-notch products in pro audio live sound, AV installations and recording systems that grant users the creative freedom without the technical restrictions.

Target Market

Asystems’ product line provides the entire gamut, from audio & video signal input, matrix routing, processing, all the way to the content presentation. It exemplifies a new generation of commercial AV equipment with elegant external components powered by robust technology and craftsmanship allowing the user to seamlessly present their material and have the audience fell their performances come to life.

Backed by decades’ R&D and manufacturing experiences, we provide a full array of commercial installation in both audio and video solutions, that can be applied to churches, educational institutions, stadiums, chain restaurants, retail outlets, and broadcasting centers. From the materials selection, component assembly, to craftsmanship, our modules are made in Taiwan to guarantee the superior quality that we pride ourselves on.

At Asystems, we understand the need for professional grade audio and video equipment is greater than ever, yet behind the complicated installation, setup and operation, few are designed for non-audio/video savants, which is why we are constantly focused on making products that are accessible to users of any level. A simple plug-n-play process and intuitive control are our utmost priorities and what we strive for.

Mission & Commitment

Quality, stability and reliability are our utmost purposes and commitments to the users in making audio and video equipment. Our mission is to continue innovate and design products that integrate the latest technologies while retain a user-friendly interface that both industry professionals and entry-level users can appreciate and count on.