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8 x 8 Digital Matrix Processor

Asystems’ DMP8800 Digital Matrix Processor provides the finest quality matrix mixing and digital processing in an incredibly compact two units of rack space! Featuring a powerful yet intuitive interface – both onboard and through remote Windows software – the DMP8800 allows any of the 8 input channels to be routed to any of the 8 independent output channels. The connection of a VGA monitor and USB mouse enables the unit to be controlled independent of any remote controls or computers.


  • 8 input channels via 3-pin euroblock connections
  • Dual RCA inputs available on every input channel
  • VGA and USB connectors enable use as a self-contained system
  • Advanced 40-bit floating point processor
  • Internal sampling selectable between 44.1 and 48 kHz
  • Digital AES/EBU input and output connectors
  • Auto shutdown mode for reduced power consumption
  • Ethernet connectivity for network and internet control application
  • Automatic DHCP network IP configuration

  • Easy and intuitive control software from Asystems
  • Event scheduling and individual user-accounts
  • 4-band parametric EQs and 31-band graphic equalizers
  • Compressors, limiters and noise gates
  • Autoleveler (Loudness Control)
  • Level ducking with trigger control
  • RS232 connection for third-party control systems
  • Optional 8×8 networking capabilities through Dante audio streaming card (model no. DT88)


Flexible DSP Processing Unlimited Potential

DMP8800 Digital Matrix Amplifiers feature a built-in 40-bit floating point processor capable of taking millions of instructions per second. What this means to the DMP8800 is it is ingrained with one of the most powerful digital signal processors on the market. Complete with Compressors, Limiters, graphic equalizers, parametric equalizers, automatic mixing, crossovers, feedback suppression – the whole gamut! Most can be applied to your choice of input or output channel, and activated and deactivated as you wish. The internal sampling rate can even be adjusted between 44.1 and 88.2 KHz depending on your needs.

Stand Alone Operation
Use the DMP8800 as a self-contained audio matrix processing station

There’s more than one way to access the Asystems DMP8800 control software, but none more comprehensive and direct than simply plugging in a VGA monitor and USB mouse into its VGA and USB rear-panel connectors—no driver downloads necessary, no computer system compatibility issues to deal with. Thanks to its VGA and USB connectors, you can use any VGA monitor and USB wired or wireless mouse to control the DMP8800’s formidable and flexible matrix mixer, signal processors, speaker management, scheduling features, and other system setup tools. Remote control of basic level and presets, are available through Asystems proprietary wall-mountable RM-2VR and RM-4 remotes, plus control functions through the programmable RM-6E.


window-icon.jpg Take Control! Versatile Windows Software

With automatic level control and VCA sub-mixing for single-fader control of up to four separate mixes, The DMP8800’s signal processing arsenal also provides installers with speaker management features, including time delay for speakers in large environments, crossover settings, detailed system performance monitoring, and signal generator for speaker calibration. Asystems control software also features auto shutdown mode for reduced power consumption, a full range of security features, extensive scheduling capabilities, flexible networking, and user-accounts with multi-layer security, so once your DMP8800 is set to your preferences, it stays that way.


Do It Your Way
Schedule events ahead of time for more streamlined operation

Pre-program events into the DMP8800 digital matrix processor. Using the event scheduler you can determine what kind of event you wish to schedule, whether it be power on or a memory recall, and when the event should occur – right down to the minute.


Suggested Setups