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Network Amplifier

Asystems’ NT2508 Network Power Amplifier offers fixed installation contractors and integrators a streamlined, cost-effective solution for providing quality audio in multi-zone facilities. Designed to be the very epitome of simplicity, the NT2508 is a rack full of gear in a single unit. The NT2508 comprises eight pristine input channels, multi-channel power amp, and 40-bit signal processing, including parametric EQ, compression, output delay and crossovers.


  • 8 input channels available via 3-pin euroblock
  • 8 outputs via euroblock connectors
  • Digital AES/EBU input and output
  • Internal temperature monitoring via software
  • Optional audio streaming card allows 8 x 8 networking
  • Auto sleep function for power conservation
  • Models available include: 4 ohm, 70V or 100V constant voltage operation

  • Control software via Ethernet connector for adjustment of:
    • Volume and routing
    • Dynamic limiter/expander
    • Speaker signal delay compensation
    • Parametric equalizer


Flexible DSP Processing Unlimited Potential

NT2500 Digital Matrix Amplifiers feature a built-in 40-bit floating point processor capable of taking millions of instructions per second. What this means to the NT2500 is it is ingrained with one of the most powerful digital signal processors on the market. Complete with Compressor/Limiters, parametric equalizers, crossovers – the whole gamut! Most can be applied to your choice of input or output channel, and activated and deactivated as you wish. The internal sampling rate can even be adjusted between 44.1 and 88.2 KHz depending on your needs.

Continuous Voltage
NT2508 are available in either continuous voltage or low-impedance configurations

The advantage of 70V (more common to the US and Canada) or 100V (typical of Europe) high-voltage output systems is the ability to string numerous speakers together in large facilities without having to design complex series/parallel connection schemes. Not only does continuous voltage allow the use of less expensive, smaller gauge cable (which is easier to run), 70V/100V systems are easily expanded. They also allow different volume levels to be played in different listening areas using a single amplifier. Continuous voltage systems also allow easy remote volume adjustment, wherein a passive volume control can be installed to provide level control over a single speaker or a multiple-speaker zone.

window-icon.jpg Take Control! Versatile Windows Software

NT2508’s extensive signal processing arsenal provides installers with countless speaker management features, including output delay for correcting speakers in large environments, crossover settings for 2 and 3-way speakers, and detailed performance monitoring. Asystems control software also features auto shutdown mode for reduced power consumption, flexible networking with an optional Dante-enabled network card, and user-accounts with multi-layer security. It further features a memory function so that once your NT2508 is set to your preferences, it stays that way.

Remote operation through Ethernet connectivity and optional Dante cards

The NT2508 has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. The first is the extensive onboard signal processing which can be controlled through your local area network – or even the internet if necessary. Install the NT2508 control software on your computer and you’ve got yourself the perfect means to control the system’s fantastic processing. But the networking doesn’t stop there! Asystems also offers an optional Dante-enabled networking card that provides 8 channels of audio to be sent to and from the NT2508. This means up to 8 additional input signals and up to 8 additional output mixes! All of which – you guessed it – can be routed using the remote software.


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