Professional PTZ Camera Controller

MK20RC, the remote control for your PTZ cameras. With Asystems’ MK20RC, a single unit can control up to 5 MK20HD PTZ cameras. The remote control grants users full control of the cameras, and camera functions including pan/tilt, zoom, focus, iris, gain, pedestal, shutter, and white balance can be adjusted remotely via the device.

Ergonomically designed, plus the compact size and light weight body make MK20RC ideal for remote production crews that are often on the run, as well as traditional application in auditoriums, concerts, studios, reality shows, and educational facilities.



  • Full PTZ camera control
  • Controls up to five MK20HD cameras
  • 30 camera presets
  • Supports RS422 and RS485 for up to 1000m
  • Variable pan, tilt and zoom speed control by analog levers

  • Focus speed by rotary encoder
  • Reversible Y-axis Joystick
  • Tally light indicators
  • Supports Sony VISCA remote protocol

Compact, Ergonomic Design

The MK20RC features a compact, half-rack size and ergonomic design, allowing portability and prolonged usage without fatigue.

Serial Connection

Up to 5 remote cameras or pan-tilt head systems can be controlled via RS422 and RS485 serial interfaces.

Communication Port Select Switch for instant switch between RS422 and RS485 standard serial interfaces allowing point-to-point mode or daisy-chain mode.



Easy Operation

The pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris operations of the cameras can be easily performed from the unit, while the gain, shutter, detail and white balance adjustments can be performed on the unit’s LCD menu.

50 Preset Memory Data

40 camera presets, 10 hot key presets and 10 PTZ camera head position presets memory data of the pan-tilt heads can be registered, stored and easily recalled for later uses.

Tally Light Indicators

On screen tally light indicators provide easy and intuitive understanding of which camera is on air and which ones are in preview.

Wide Range of Compatibility

The MK20RC fully supports Sony VISCA remote protocol, making it compatible with Sony’s existing remote camera models.

Rear Panel