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Asystems products were built with contactors in mind. We’ve carefully designed and crafted numerous products that seamlessly integrate into any existing system, or can be used to build a new system for almost any professional setup. From digital matrix amplifiers to video switchers, Asystems products build upon existing norms to create unique audio visual experiences.

Over the next few pages, our product team has created ideal setups for different applications using a good number of Asystems products. Whether you’re installing an intricate audio system for a large house of worship, an educational setup for schools and colleges, or perhaps a corporate setup for office buildings and boardrooms, Asystems have served up a number of versatile setups that offer a few different applications for major product lines.

These Solution pages are offered as examples to inspire your imagination. Your own setup is not set in stone – you can make it as elaborate or simple as you need. We recommend planning out your system in detail before you begin; work out how many inputs and inputs you need, how many speakers you may need, how much power you may need. A little forethought will ensure your installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Worship Services

Asystems range of video mixers and matrix processors can be used in any number of ways to enhance your church, synagogue or mosque. Whether it’s daily prayers and hymns or full choirs with musical accompaniment, Asystems products can make it happen. See more…

Corporate Events

Asystems can help you produce high quality in-house events and videos using their great range of video switchers. And no corporate event would be complete without fantastic sound, but lucky for you Asystems range of Digital Matrix Amplifiers helps make live sound easy. See more…

Educational Programs

Whether a elementary school, a high school or college, Asystems entire range of video switchers and digital matrix processors can enhance your overall educational experience.  Asystems products are easy-to-use, reliable and remarkably affordable. See more…