Asystems welcomes the dawning of the new generation of web broadcasting with open arms by introducing AV50! Your quickest and easiest way to showcase your creativity to the world. Featuring 1 XLR mic input, 1 RCA stereo line input for audio plug-ins. HDMI and SDI input sources are able to loop out to external monitors, and a USB-C streaming output. AV50’s most notable feature is that it has the ability to make any HDMI and SDI signals appear as an USB webcam for immediate broadcast without any drivers. Fully compatible with all popular streaming software platforms, AV50 is the best choice to turn your live production into a global broadcast!

Third Party Software Support

Ideal for anyone who wants to reach out to the global audience, the AV50 is designed to produce superb video quality with synced audio with ease, and it is also compatible with all popular third party streaming software. May it be Open Broadcaster or XSplit Broadcaster, AV50 Video Streaming Converter is all you need for your personal direct streaming workstation.

Doubles as a 2-Channel Video Switcher-3
Doubles as a 2-Channel Video Switcher

Aside from streaming videos, the Input button on the front panel act as a transition button switching between your HDMI and SDI sources. You can set the transition pattern and timing with just a few clicks of the buttons. Using the HDMI and SDI loop outputs, you can monitor the preview channel and program channel independently.

USB webcam Video Stream Out-1
USB webcam Video Stream Out

PGM can be ported to broadcasting software as an USB webcam. Connect the AV50 to your modern computer and use the unit as a virtual webcam without the installation of any additional drivers.

Elegant Aesthetic Design-1
Elegant Aesthetic Design

The AV50’s elegant streamlined and minimalist design is a reflection of contemporary aesthetics. It looks sleek on your desktop and its compact and portable size makes it easy to take it on the go! Stands at 1.75 inch and 5.5 inch wide, makes it perfect for your mounting shelf next to your video equipment.

  • 2-channel video switcher
  • 1 HDMI & 1 SDI input with loop through output
  • USB webcam video streaming output
  • 1 SDI output
  • 1 Combo input & RCA stereo line-In input
  • Tally output
  • Simple front panel controls
  • Input audio delay adjustment

Item Type Qty/Spec


1 3G SDI BNC male

Supports up to 1080p60; supported resolutions: 1080p24/25/30/50/60,

1080i50/60, 720p50/60, 480i/p60 and 576i/p50

2 HDMI HDMI type A, female

Supports up to 1080p60; supported resolutions:

1080p24/25/30/50/60, 1080i50/60, 720p50/60, 480i/p60 and 576i/p50

1 USB Webcam USB 2.0 type C, female

Supports up to 1080p30; supported resolutions: 1080p10/15/24/25/30,

720p10/15/24/25/30/50/60, 480p10/15/24/30/60 and 576p10/25/50

3 PGM Out 3G SDI, BNC male

Unscaled output (Same format as original input)

4 3G SDI Loop-through BNC male

SDI input direct loop-through

5 HDMI Loop-through HDMI type A, female

HDMI input direct loop-through

Audio Inputs
1 MIC In Combo (XLR+1/4″)
2 Stereo Line-In Stereo RCA analog audio line-In x1
3 SDI Audio In BNC

Embedded stereo audio from SDI

4 HDMI Audio In HDMI type A, female

Embedded stereo audio from HDMI

Audio Outputs
1 USB Webcam USB 2.0 type C, female

Embedded USB Webcam stereo audio

2 IP Streaming RJ45 female

Embedded IP streaming stereo audio

3 3G SDI BNC male

Embedded SDI stereo audio

1 Power Button Push button x1
2 Controls Buttons: Input, Video, Audio, Menu and Enter

Rotary Knob: Select

3 Power 12VDC inlet jack, female x1
4 Tally PGM tally out x1
1 Physical TBD

Data Sheet (English): download
User’s Manual (English): download
Manual de Usuario (Español): descargar
Manuel Utilisateur (Français): télécharger