8 In/5 Out, Full HD, 10-channel Multi-Format Video Switcher and DVE Processor

The AV800HD Multi-Format Video Switcher puts breathtaking production capabilities at your fingertips. With 8 multi-format video inputs and a fully configurable, 10 cross-point button array, the AV800HD combines several AV production tools in one package, including audio mixer, digital video effects (DVE) processor, and frame synchronizer.

Thanks to the AV800HD’s built-in digital video effects processor, you can mix and match video formats without the need to adjust video size, resolution, or scale. Plus, you can mix and edit effects to make smooth transitions between channels to polish your productions with the sheen of professional-looking video. Using the ergonomically optimized control panel, you can scale, stretch, crop and zoom as your creative muse directs. For added creativity, the switcher offers a wide selection of wipe patterns and features a high-quality Chroma key for green screen applications in broadcast and production.

The AV800HD has 5 video outputs, internal memory with 32 user-defined presets, and SMPTE time code support for synchronizing video and audio. The AV800HD is the only multi-format switcher in its class to offer unique and powerful features such as, video I/O over long CAT 5 cable runs;
 USB audio input; joystick control for pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera control via RS-422 digital connection;
 HD 1080p recording to USB drive;
 SDI outputs that allow routing to ISO recorders, projectors, and overflow rooms; and scalers on every input for picture-in-picture (PIP), keying, fades, and dissolves without limitation.





Long-Distance Video I/O Via Cat5/6 Cable
AV800HD’s CAT5/6 HD video transmits long-distance, uncompressed video with no loss in quality. Lightweight and easy to install on long cable runs, Cat5/6 cable makes audiovisual system installation clean, uncluttered, and far more cost-effective than standard cable runs. Additionally, Cat5/6 makes audio-visual mapping much more flexible, while multi-zoom can be assigned without the use of jumper cables. The implementation of CatT-5/6 HD video also allows transmission of 1080p video up to 220 feet (70 meters)
HD Video Streaming Output via LAN
Among the unique features of the AV800HD are live audio and video recording capabilities to external USB 3.0 storage devices. The built-in recorder, which has transport controls on the AV800HD top panel, allows for 1080p at 60fps HD recording without the need for additional high-end HD video recording equipment. The recorder supports 256TB storage, live video streaming speed up to 1080p30, H.264, AVI and MP2 recording formats, and H.264 webcam emulation via LAN.
Multiview Screen
The AV800HD’s 1080p HDMI multiview output can display up to 8 full-motion preview images from different sources to a single high-resolution display, eliminating the need for multiple HD source and preview monitors. To access the multiview screen, connect a 1080p TV or computer monitor to AV800HD’s Multiview output.
8 Multi-Format Video Inputs
The AV800HD supports up to 4 HDMI and 4 3G-SDI inputs and the type of input signal (HD-SDI or 3G-SDI) is detected automatically. Each of the AV800HD’s multi-format inputs can be configured to accept multiple resolutions and frame rates, letting you create eye-popping live video streams from multiple sources. The AV800HD’s input source mix ratio is flexible enough to adapt each unique setup requirement.
DSK (Downstream Keying) Operation

The AV800HD’s DSK or downstream key gives you the ability to mix and fade signals behind keyed lyrics or graphics. With this feature, you can overlay logos, texts and subtitles onto the existing picture to produce videos that are high quality and professional.

Multi-Zoom Function

The multiview screen gives you access to powerful and convenient features of the AV800HD, such as its multi-zoom function. The multi-zoom function lets you create the illusion of a multi-camera shoot with just one camera. As an added advantage, multi-zoom on the AV800HD is routed internally and can be achieved without the need of BNC jumper cables patched from channel to the next (usually done via a thru-put). For example, in switchers not equipped with this ability, a camera connected to channel one would have to be patched via jumper cable from channel one thru to channel two, three, four, and so on. This also means having to access the rear panel of the switcher, which can be difficult in permanent installation. With the AV800HD, multi-zoom is processed internally; no expensive jumper cables, no tedious rear-panel access required.

Seminars and Live Events

A video setup for seminars or live speeches requires a certain amount of forethought. When you need to handle several cameras and route between different signals across multiple angles, an AV800HD will come in very handy, especially if you want to record the session or broadcast it later via a streaming service.

AV800HD greatly reduces the learning curve while increase the productivity, and when you have cameras for image magnification, recording, audio mixing or for broadcasting/streaming, you need all the functions of the AV800HD offers.

With so much to offer, AV800HD is definitely a video switcher can certainly improve your workflow and keep the audience engaged and entertained.

Create an Internet TV station

The core equipment necessary to build an Internet TV station is much the same as a live streaming webcast or multimedia presentation. A small or home broadcast studio will require three essential components: video capture, audio transmission, and video switching. For example, many small broadcast studios have an audio mixer for microphone inputs, a video switcher, video monitor, and various peripherals for transmitting digital signal to the Internet.

To create a professional-looking presentation, you’ll need one or more HDMI cameras, lighting, and a portable (or stationary) green screen. Previously expensive, complicated sets and lights were required for television production. Today, with a small lighting kit and a digital background, it’s possible to create a virtual set that looks far more expensive than it actually is. This is where the green screen and the AV800HD’s Chroma-keying feature comes in. Chroma-key replaces the green screen with a digital background to create amazingly impressive-looking virtual sets.

The AV800HD’s ability to combine multiple video sources enables you to create a more engaging presentation. Again, a switcher can enable split screen to show presenter and remote guest interview via Skype.

Upgrading CCTV to HD

For existing CCTV setups already wired with analog coaxial cable, the 3G-SDI input and output of the AV800HD, as well as other models in the Asystems video switcher series, give you the opportunity to upgrade to HD video without having to re-cable or introduce complicated IP networking. HD video provides CCTV users with the ability to easily identify intruders.

AV800HD has a joystick control for one PTZ camera, and when combined with the Asystems MK20RC Remote Console, you can connect and control as many as five Asystems MK20HD high-definition PTZ cameras. When used in conjunction with the AV800HD video mixer, you can output 8 channels to a single HD screen, eliminating the need for multiple monitors. When upgrading a CCTV system to HD means increased storage. The AV800HD can record up to 250TB to USB 3.0 storage, solving yet another problem without added expense.

Multi-Format HDMI HDMI supports up to 1080p60.
RJ-45 HDMI via CAT5/6 cable supports up to 1080p60; up to 70m distance (depending on cable quality and video resolution).
SDI BNC, 3G-SDI, supports up to 1080p60. x4
RJ-45 HDMI. Supports HDMI and SDI up to 1080p60.
RJ-45, LAN Virtual Webcam



AUX Out HDMI, supports HDMI up to 1080P60. x1
Multiview HDMI 1080p60 (Fixed). x1
USB 2.0 (Input) Type A
Digital audio in
Stereo Phone Jack (Input) 6.3mm
Analog audio in
Stereo Phone Jack (Output) 6.3mm
PGM Analog audio out
COM-1 RJ-45, RS-422
Onboard joystick for MK20HD PTZ camera remote control.
COM-2 DB-9, RS-232
For remote control program access.
LAN RJ-45, share with virtual webcam port.
For remote control program access.
Tally 1 DA-15 CH1 to 5 PVW & PGM Tally Out. x1
Tally 2 DA-15 CH6 to B PVW & PGM Tally Out. x1
External Storage
SD Card Standard SDHC slot
For still image input and firmware upgrade.
USB 3.0 External mass storage device for PGM recording
*Support up to 256 TB.
Input Channels Crosspoint channels; for AV-IN, Multi-Zoom and DSK. x10
Configuration Memory Custom setup configuration settings. x32
Wipe Pattern 8 programmable wipe pattern buttons from 23 patterns. x12
SMPTE Timebase Supports 29.97 and 59.94 fps.
Audio Time Delay Adjustable to match video.
Multi-Functions Joystick For PIP location, I/O scale and size control; remote camera control. x1
Miscellaneous Transition T-Bar; CUT, AUTO, DSK, OUTPUT FADE, PIP Select and Key Control. x8
Physical W=440 mm x D=350 mm x H= 125 mm

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