8-Channel Digital Auto Mixer


Designed uniquely for rack-mount required sound reinforcement scenarios, Asystems DMP81 automatic mixer combines intuitive operation interface with state-of-art signal processing technology. Asystems DMP81 features 8 mic/line inputs via balanced Euroblock jacks. It also features 8 1/4” TRS insert jacks for injecting external devices to the system. All eight Euroblock input connectors provide independent +48V phantom power for condenser microphones and all eight 1/4” TRS insert jacks can directly route incoming signal to other sound processing devices or be used as individual inputs or outputs. Every channel is equipped with adjustable low- and high-pass filters. The on-board adaptive threshold distinguishes fluctuating audio signal from background noise and continuously adjust the audio signal to be louder than background noise. Asystems DMP81 also provides a 1/4” headphone output jack, an AUX input jack (both are with level control knob), and LED indicators, offering intuitive control that caters a wide-range of system setups.

Separate On-board HPF (high pass filter) and LPF (low pass filter) per channel

The Asystems DMP81 Automatic Mixer features a user-adjustable low-cut filter on every available input channel. This allows for the removal of low-frequency rumble and noise, and helps to brighten voices. Also included on each channel is an adjustable high shelf, able to soften overly harsh high-frequency sounds or brighten otherwise dull audio.

Eight balanced mic/line input channels (Euroblock connector)

The DMP81 features 8 professional standard 3-pin Euroblock connectors. Each features an indescribably low-noise pre-amplifier making it ideal for not only line-level inputs, but microphones as well. Due to the flexible nature of Euroblock inputs, they can be wired to almost any professional audio product – mixers, equalizers, samplers, sequences, etc – but the real fun in this device lies in its fantastic auto-mixing capabilities making it perfect for high quality microphones and wireless microphone systems.

Eight ¼” unbalanced Insert jacks

While the DMP81 features a plethora of signal processors, it also features insert jacks on each and every input connector. These allow input signals to be sent directly to external devices, only to be returned. Such devices could include compressors, limiters, equalizers, or even additional mixers. Insert points require use of a y-cable, able to send and receive unbalanced signals from external devices.

¼” TRS headphone connector with output level control

Monitoring your audio is of utmost importance, particularly when you’re in control of that audio! The Asystems team have incorporated a stereo headphone output to the front-panel of the DMP81 to ensure you can monitor the audio live. In addition to this, an auxiliary jack was included to enable the DMP81 to send the signal out to other devices for side-fill or more comprehensive monitoring.

  • 8 balanced mic/line input channels through 3-pin Euroblock connectors
  • 8 x 1/4” unbalanced Insert jacks
  • 1 balanced mono master output (Euroblock connector)
  • Independent +48V phantom power on each input channel
  • Master output 3-mode peak limiter (+16 dbm / +8 dbm / +4 dbm)
  • Last input source lock-on
  • Adaptable, quick-acting technology automatically makes active microphones a priority
  • Individual gain control knob per channel
  • On-board HPF (high pass filter) and LPF (low pass filter)
  • 1/4” Headphone output with level control
  • 1/4” AUX input with level control
  • Seamless automatic mixing through dynamic channel gating and attenuation
  • Fully functional compressors per input channel
Front Panel

The thin, attractive front panel of the DMP81 is perhaps the most ‘plug-and-play’ automixer you’ll find. It features eight bi-color input LEDS, each paired with an individual rotary control. The Master SG Output LED will light up green when a signal is present, and turn red when the signal clips. AUX and PHONES outputs are included for auxiliary output and use with headphones, respectively. Each of these has their own individual control, as does the Master mix (which, incidentally, also features its own limiter LED). The power LED will light up when the unit is activated. Integrated rack ears make the 1U DMP81 readily rack-mountable.

Rear Panel DMP81


Input Connections 8 x Balanced Euroblock, 1 x Balanced TRS (AUX)
Output Connections 1 x Euroblock, 8 x 1/4″ TRS (insert/direct output),
1 x 1/4″ stereo TRS (headphone)
Front Panel Indicators 8 x Input/Peak, 1 x Master Output/Peak, 1 x Power,
1 x Limiter, 1 x AUX Signal
Hum and Noise <-120dB
Frequency Response 50Hz to 20KHz +/-2dB;-3dB corner at 25Hz
Input Impedance MIC: 3.2K , LINE: 14K , AUX: 7.5K
Input Clipping Level MIC: -11.8dBV , LINE:+23dBV , AUX: +23dBV
Output Impedance LINE Output: 60Ω , Phone Output: 110Ω
Output Clipping Level LINE Output: +21dBV , Phone Output: +21dBV
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.1% at +18dB output level, 50Hz to 20 KHz
Processor 40-bit floating point
Input A/D Conversion 24-bit
Output D/A Conversion 24-bit
Output Limiter Type: Peak
Threshold Switchable: off, +4, +8, +16 (dBm at output)
Attack Time: 2 ms
Recovery Time: 300 ms
Indicator: Lights red when limiting occurs
Sample Rate 48 kHz
DIP Switches Auto/manual, Last-mic, hold time, off-att, limiter threshold, 48V phantom power
Equalization Low-frequency: 6 dB/octave cut, adjustable corner from 28 to 315 Hz; High-frequency: +/-6 dB at 5 kHz, +/-8 dB at 10 kHz, shelving
Auto-mixing Input level, output level, NOM attenuation max.

Download Data Sheet (English): ds_DMP_Series_en
Download User’s Manual (English/Español): um_DMP81_en_es