8 Channel Digital Matrix Processor


The Asystems DMP8800 is a scalable 8×8 digital matrix processor that provides contractors with all of the sound-shaping tools they need to create a superior system with stellar sound. The DMP8800 has eight input channels available via 3-pin Euroblock connections, and stereo RCA inputs for easy integration with consumer-grade audio playback devices. It features eight pristine phantom-powered preamps backed by powerful DSP dynamic/EQ processing. The DMP8800 also has digital AES/EBU I/O for professional digital record/playback devices, as well as word clock I/O for synchronizing chained AES/EBU-enabled digital devices. All functions can be controlled via Windows software or by connecting any VGA monitor and USB mouse.

Completely Self-Contained System Control

Setting up and configuring the Asystems DMP8800 is simple and easy—no driver downloads necessary; no computer system compatibility issues to deal with. Thanks to the VGA and USB connectors, you can use any VGA monitor and USB mouse to control the DMP8800’s formidable and flexible matrix mixer, signal processors, automatic mixing, event scheduling features, and other system setup tools. Remote control of basic level and control functions are available through Asystems proprietary RM2, RM4, and RM-6E hardware remote controllers. The DMP8800 is also compatible with many third-party control units through an RS-232 protocol.

Flexible, User-Controllable Signal Processors

The Asystems DMP8800 Matrix Processor leaves the competition in the dust with a lightning-fast 40-bit floating-point processor with internal sampling selectable between 44.1kHz and 48kHz. Signal processing functions include assignable input and output limiters to prevent input overloading and provide speaker protection; 4-band sweetening EQ with high-and low-pass filters to remove unwanted low-end rumble or high-end hiss; 31-band graphic EQ to compensate for various room characteristics; and a feedback suppressor with 12 razor-thin filters to remove jarring feedback without compromising audio. For applications requiring spoken word along with program material, DMP8800 software also includes ducking with four user-definable parameters.

Easy and intuitive control software

With automatic level control and VCA sub-mixing for single-fader control of up to four separate mixes, The DMP8800’s signal processing arsenal also provides installers with speaker management features, including time delay for speakers in large environments, crossover settings, detailed system performance monitoring, and signal generator for speaker calibration. Additionally, the signal generator menu lets you select playback of MP3 files from an SD card. Asystems’ control software also features event scheduling and password-protected user-accounts, so once your DMP8800 is set to your preferences, it remains that way.

Optional Dante Connectivity

If you require more than eight channels or want to send signals over long distances, the DMP8800 also offers 8x8-networking capabilities through the optional Dante networking card. Cutting-edge audio network technology from Audinate, Dante delivers uncompressed, low-latency, multi-channel digital audio to multiple locations over long distances. Dante-equipped DMP8800 processors can send and receive eight channels of digital audio using a single Ethernet cable and can easily connect to other Dante-enabled devices. For flexible routing across multiple Dante-enabled units, connect your DMP8800 or DMA systems to your local area network and control signals through the Audinate software.

  • 8-in x 8-out sophisticated matrix mixing makes routing easy
  • 8 microphone preamplifiers on euroblock connectors
  • Dual RCA and balanced euroblock inputs
  • Optional Dante networking (model no. DT88)
  • 44.1 kHz or 48kHz sample rate
  • 24-bit A/D D/A conversion
  • +48V phantom power
  • SD card slot for audio playback
  • AES/EBU digital input and output
  • Word Clock input and output
  • Remote control via Asystems RM wall remotes
  • Stand-alone control possible with monitor and mouse
  • Remote user control through Asystems Windows software
  • DSP Processing:
    • Automatic Mixing
    • Compressor/Limiters
    • Feedback Silencers
    • 4-band EQs
    • Graphic Equalizers
    • 2- and 3-way Crossovers
    • Automatic level Control
    • Program Intuitive Ducker
  • Event scheduling
  • Password protected user accounts
  • Signal generator (pink noise, sine wave, sweep waves)
Front Panel

The attractive, machine-milled front panel of the DMP8800 is elegantly simple, featuring eight, dual-function 4-segment LED level meters that switchable between pre-DSP input and output levels. Underneath each level meter is a rotary gain control that adjusts input levels for each channel. There are also LED indicators for channel enable, remote enable, phantom power, sample rate, clock source and standby. The front-panel power switch can be disabled from the Asystems control software, which activates a yellow LED indicator (also on the front panel). Once the physical power switch has been disabled, it can only be activated from the DMP8800’s software control panel. This subtle but important feature prevents accidental shutdowns from wandering fingers. Integrated rack ears make the 2U DMP8800 readily rack-mountable.

Rear Panel

Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz, +/-1dB
Damping Factor (8 ohm load, <1kHz) >250
Input Impedance 20K Ohm, balanced
Maximum Input Level +24dB
Cooling Temperature dependent speed-controlled axial fan
Control Network Onboard, compatible with standard 100MB Ethernet hardware
Front Panel Indicators Channel: 8 x Clip, -3dB, -6dB, -40dB, Phantom Power, Remote Enable, Enable. Sync: Int., Net., AES/EBU, WCLK. Sample Rate: 48KHz, 44.1KHz.  System: Standby, Disable.
Attenuators 8 x front panel, software, and remote
Input Connections Euroblock & Stereo RCA
Output Connections Euroblock
Amplifier Protection Inrush current limitation, temperature monitoring, output over-current protection, mains fuses
Power Supply (Region Dependent) 120VAC, 230VAC, 50/60Hz,15A Edison cable
Dimensions (W x H x D) 482 x 295 x 95 mm (18.97” x 37.4” x 11.61”)
Weight 5.1 Kgs (11.2 lbs)

User’s Manual (English / Español): um_dmp8800_en_es.pdf
用户手册(简体中文): DMP8800用户手册下載
Data Sheet (English):  ds_DMP_Series_en.pdf