8 x 8 Dante Networking Option


Asystems DT Series Dante Digital Networking Card is uniquely and exclusively engineered and developed for all Asystems’ Dante-enabled models, offering the perfect digital audio and integrated control data distribution over your existing Ethernet networking without possible signal degradation due to electromagnetic interference, high-frequency attenuation, voltage drop and taxing wire routing that conventional analogue wiring/networking suffers. 2-in/2-out (DT22), 4-in/4-out (DT44) and 8-in/8-out (DT88) models are available, requirements from every segment of the audio industry are satisfied.

  • 8 x 8 audio streaming
  • Connects via CAT5/6 cables
  • Features dual RJ-45 connectors (“Primary” and “Secondary”)
  • Buffering up to 2000 samples per channel
  • Compatible with select Asystems DMA, DMP and NT devices
  • Connects to system via Mini-PCI connector


Primary Connector RJ-45
Secondary Connector RJ-45
Audio Channels In/Out (44.1/48kHz) 8 x 8
Digital Audio Formats TDM, I2S
Sample Bit Depth 16, 24 or 32 bits per sample
Audio Buffering Up to 2000 samples per channel
Clocking Onboard word clock or external word clock
FPGA High performance Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA
Microprocessor Soft-core Microblaze processor
Clock High quality, low jitter onboard SiLabs
Ethernet Standard RGMII/MII interface for Ethernet PHY or switch chip
Power 3.3VDC @ 2W max
Physical Connector Mini-PCI
Control Interfaces SPI Master and Slave; GPIO; I2C

User’s Manual (English): Download
Data Sheet (English): Download