MK20RC Plus

PTZ Camera Remote Control Console

The Asystems MK20RC Plus is a powerful, dedicated remote control for PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras. A single MK20RC Plus provides full control of up to 25 PTZ cameras. Along with variable pan, tilt, and zoom speed via analog controllers, camera functions accessible from the MK20RC Plus LED control panel include focus, iris, gain, shutter, detail, and white-balance adjustments. The on board tally light indicators that provide visual feedback for on-air and preview status of each camera. Equipped with 10 memory presets per camera, users are able to store custom configurations for quick recall. Asystems’ MK20RC Plus is one of the most comprehensive PTZ camera controls you’ll ever need.





Control up to twenty-five PTZ HD cameras

Up to 25 remote cameras or pan-tilt head systems can be controlled via top-panel camera select buttons. Tally lights visible on the panel display to indicate on-air or off-air status of each camera. Designed to work seamlessly with Asystems MK20HD Plus high-definition PTZ cameras, the MK20RC Plus also supports Sony VISCA and Panasonic camera control protocols, making it compatible with many currently available PTZ cameras.

Analog levers and knob for a total control

The MK20RC Plus has a wide range of convenient top-panel analog controls that provide precision access to remote camera functions. A joystick controls pan and tilt, and a dedicated lever to control zoom and a button to control its speed. Focus can be manually controlled by dedicated knobs, or set to automatic control via top-panel buttons.

Supports RS-422 & POE

Built for reliability, the MK20RC Plus does not depend on Wi-Fi network connectivity, which is prone to dropouts and inconvenient reboots during critical airtime. For long-range transmission of up to 3,200 ft. (1,000 m), the MK20RC Plus supports RS-422 connectivity and PoE.

Shutter, Iris and AE Controls

Accessible from the LED display, the MK20RC Plus provides the following fine adjustments of video image: gain, shutter, detail, and white balance. Gain provides control of overall brightness of you video image in dark environments or locations where there is no control over lighting. Shutter Speed controls how long each individual frame is exposed. Detail controls image quality, and White Balance enables you to manually adjust the camera’s image to match the light source other cameras in a multi-camera broadcast, while AWC provides convenient automatic white balance control.

Asystems MK20RC Plus Applications

The Asystems MK20RC Plus remote control and MK20HD Plus PTZ camera can integrate seamlessly in any applications with any of the AV series video mixers, such as AV400HD or AV800HD.

Creating or upgrading to an HD CCTV system

When you need to keep tabs on a large space, a security chief and his staff can’t be in all places at all times — PTZ cameras can. All you need is the means to control them remotely. The Asystems MK20RC Plus Remote Console can connect and control as many as 5 Asystems MK20HD Plus high-definition PTZ cameras. When used in conjunction with a video mixer, such as the AV800HD, you can output eight channels to a single HD screen, eliminating the need for multiple monitors.

Council / Conference Room

To create a comprehensive AV system for a council room, conference room, or parliament chamber, a system comprising the MK20RC Plus as a controller for up to twenty five MK20HD Plus high-definition PTZ cameras can be used to define camera positions prior to events. The efficiency of this setup enables quick and efficient camera control with a small shooting staff. Video recording and mixing can be achieved by connecting the MK20RC Plus remote to a video switcher such as the AV800HD, while audio mixing and speaker control can be handled by an Asystems digital matrix processor or digital matrix amplifier, such as the DMP8800 or DMA8825. With a single monitor screen, you have a complete audio-video solution.

Video Conferencing

A combination of the MK20RC Plus remote control and one of Asystems AV series video mixers, such as the AV400HD or AV800HD and up to twenty-five MK20HD Plus high-definition PTZ cameras can create a multi-room TV conference system. The flexibility of the MK20HD Plus camera and MK20RC Plus remote ensure that all participants are in frame, and optimize for room size.

Corporate Training and Educational Facilities

Install multiple MK20HD Plus, controlled by the MK20RC Plus, to capture the delicate nuances of the lecturer, as well as the overall ambiance of the lecture hall. The AV800HD’s HDMI input and output with multi-format support allows you to freely mix computer and video sources and output to a wide range of displays and devices, making it a perfect choice for corporate training and seminars, and educational facilities.

Video for Worship Services

With a combination of the MK20RC Plus remote control and AV800HD, engagingly varied video is possible through the control of multiple types of cameras. Between the MK20RC Plus’s PTZ camera control and the AV400/800HD’s ability to input video from various sources enables you install the optimal camera for each zone, capturing all scenes.

Features Descriptions
Pan & Tilt Joystick Analog (Manual/Auto) Variable speed (3 user-defined speeds); reversible Y-Axis (Tilt)
Focus Rotary Knob Variable speed knob (user-defined)
Auto Button, enable auto focus.
Zoom Auto Variable speed (3 speed)
Hi Fixed high speed zoom
Lo Fixed low speed zoom
Camera Support 5 through RS422 / 25 through LAN
Preset Memory 10 per camera
Tally Light DA15 x2, PGM & PVW
Communication RJ-45 RS422 x5
Top Panel Functions WHT BAL, AE, Shutter, Iris, Control Enable, Mute, Preset 1~10, Set, Camera 1~5 Select, White Balance, Gain, P-T Speed, Display, Menu, Bank, Enter, Save, ESC, Del, F1, F2, Pan, Tilt, Focus and Zoom
Power PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Dimensions WxDxH 210mm x 180mm x 66mm

Brochure (English): Download
User’s Manual (English): Download
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