2000 Watt 2-Channel Networking Amplifier with DSP Processing


The Asystems NT1.2K2 Network Power Amplifier offers fixed installation contractors and integrators a streamlined, cost-effective solution for providing quality audio in multi-zone facilities. The NT1.2K2 comprises two pristine input channels, multi-channel power amp and 40-bit signal processing. Internal signal processors include 10-band parametric EQs, limiters, crossovers and speaker delay compensation. Among the numerous essential audio processors available in the control software, Asystems engineers have thoughtfully included real-time power monitoring/management features that maintain consistent and controlled operating temperature to ensure system reliability for long-term peace of mind. Once you put an Asystems NT1.2K2 in the rack, it stays in the rack.

1000 Watts of power from each of the 2 speaker outputs (2000 Watts total)

For easy system integration, space savings, and cost cutting without compromise in quality, the 2U rack-mountable NT1.2K2 features a dual-channel power amplifier that provides 1000 watts to each of its output channels. Asystems advanced power amplifier technology employs intelligent software control systems that constantly monitor temperature in real time to maintain optimal performance.

Combo Input Jacks

The NT1.2K2 was designed a little different to the rest of the series, featuring flexible combo input jacks on each of the two input channels. Combo jacks are designed to accept balanced connections from either XLR jacks or 1/4" TRS phone jack connectors. The unit accepts line-level signals from either of these ports, perfect for connection of external mixing consoles or any of Asystems' digital matrix products (DMA series or the DMP8800).

DIP Switches

The NT series IP address, firmware updates, and initialization functions are all accessed through the onboard DIP switches. These allow users to determine the network IP address for remote software access, as well as enabling firmware updates without any complicated and resetting the system to factory default settings with ease. It also offers a simple means to deactivate front-panel VR controls.

Extensive Signal Processing with Windows Software

The Asystems NT1.2K2 DSP network amplifiers stands apart from the competition with a precision 40-bit floating-point processor. With internal sampling selectable set at 48kHz, signal-processing functions include 10-band parametric EQs, compressor, crossovers and output delay with adjustable temperature/parameters. Signal processors can easily be applied to each independent input and output mix through the Asystems NT1.2K2 software. This software also features extensive matrix mixing features as well as detailed system monitoring (with real-time warnings) to ensure your NT1.2K2 is performing well.

  • 2-channel amplifier – 1000 watts per channel
  • 4 ohm and constant voltage models available (70V or 100V)
  • 2-in x 2-out sophisticated matrix mixing makes routing easy
  • Balanced 3-pin Euroblock input connectors
  • Combo XLR/TRS input connectors
  • Professional Speakon output connectors
  • Extensive signal processing
  • Remote user control through PC
  • Internal 48kHz sample rate
  • 24-bit A/D D/A conversion
  • DSP Processing:
    • Limiters
    • 10-band EQs
    • Automatic Mixing
    • 2- Way Crossover
    • Output Delay
  • Password protected user accounts
  • Reliable, lightweight switching power supply
  • Real-time error reports via Email
Front Panel

The front panel controls of the NT1.2K2 include a power switch and two rotary gain controls for each channel, while the model also includes LED level indicators at -40dB, -6dB and -3dB and clip/protect. The master section features LEDs for power, switch disable, standby/unlock and protection.

Rear Panel

Low Z, Stereo Mode, all channels driven (RMS Power Ouput Per Channel)
8Ω, 20Hz-20kHz 1%THD 600W
4Ω, 20Hz-20kHz 1%THD 1000W
System Amp Circuitry D
Input Sensitivity 1.42 Vrms
Distortion (SMPTE-IM) <0.02%
Noise (Unweighted 20 Hz – 20 kHz below rated power) 107 dB
Damping Factor >300 @ 8Ω
Frequency Response 20 Hz-20kHz +-1dB; -3dB: 5Hz-50kHz
Input Impedance 20 kΩ balanced; 10 kΩ Unbalanced
Cooling Variable Speed Fans – front to rear flow
Indicators -40dB, -6dB, -3 dB, Clip/Peak, Power, Protection, Power Off
Front Panel AC power switch & gain control
Control Operation Mode Stereo / Bridge Mono
Voltage Gain 40 x (32 dB)
Network Control Built-in Ethernet, 10/100 Mbit/s
Connections Input (line-level) 2 x 3-pin Euroblock Connectors

2 x Combo Jacks (1/4″ & XLR)

Output (powered) 2 x Speakon Connectors
Protection Circuitry Amplifier Protection Totally Short / Open / Overheat / VLF / RF protection / Mismatched loads stabilize the transition
Load Protection On / Off squelch / AC coupling / Triac crowbar (each channel)
Power Supply Power Consumption
Power Requirements (Region Dependent) 100 – 120VAC, 220 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz