18" Active Subwoofer with Computer Controlled DSP

The S series of DSP-enabled loudspeakers offer robust amplification in subtle, unassuming constructs. Quality D-class amplification provides maximum power and efficiency. Integrated RJ-45 connections allow for remote operation via computer providing real-time access to onboard signal processors. Each speaker offers a 10-band equalizer, variable delay circuit, compressor/limiter, adjustable crossover and a multitude of intelligent protection circuits.

Extensive Onboard Digital Signal Processing

Simple Audio and Data Networking

System Monitoring Through Windows Software

Save 'Scenes' and Recall for Later Use




  • 18″ subwoofer for smooth low-frequency reproduction
  • Built-in power amplifier provides 750 Watts of continuous power
  • Ultra-efficient D-class amplifier circuitry for maximum power output
  • Input and output achieved through standard XLR connectors
  • Extensive signal processing controlled through RJ-45 connections
  • 10-band graphic equalizer with variable frequency, Q and gain

  • Variable limiter on matrix outputs with adjustable threshold
  • Flexible compressor with user-controlled threshold, ratio, attack and release
  • Onboard low-pass filter allows the subwoofer to make the most of its power
  • Save/load feature for storing settings to recall at a later date
  • Temperature-controlled cooling fans and internal heat sink